One-person entrepreneurship era

As long as you have fresh ideas, passion & enthusiasm, it is an era where it is possible to advance from personal brand to global expansion. 22 years of business experience, female founder Jeong Myung-jin will be with you.

2-Month Speed Start-up
Incubating Program

Currently, the program is establishing itself as an industrial group with more than 10 Million domestic pet households and a market size exceeding trillion of Korean won. In addition, as interest in PET culture continues to grow, the demand for various pet-related items is also exploding. Onuga is conducting Pet incubating business for those who are interested in starting a business related to Pet Fashion * accessories. From business registration certificate to various support promotion, production, and various networking, Onuga will be with you.

  • Individual Business Registration Certificate / Corporate Business / Online Corporate

    Nowadays, everyone is a one-person entrepreneur~ Now I am a CE02. Consultation on various support policies: No, really No burden for start-up funds with government support

  • Advice on various support policies

    Currently, various national support policies for start-ups are supported. It provides support for start-ups and various support information.

  • Various resourcing information related to product production

    Provides information on PET designer, pattern, and production factories (domestic and overseas)

  • Creation of Promotional content and advertisement

    Homepage, SNS advertisements, advertising materials (photo, video) and various vendor companies’ information provided

  • Open market interworking

    Provides manuals for entering stores such as Naver Store, Coupang, 11th Street, Dog Platform, etc.

  • Continuous PET BRAND community operation after creation

    Continuing to operate the community even after the start-up and establish PET BRAND POWER

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